Readers Applaud Becoming One

From a Psychology Professor
I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the book as one of six autobio-graphical book options students have in my Intro Psychology course. This will be the third year I’ve used it, and in the past students have found it very stimulating and gotten a great deal out of reading it. Thank you for writing such an honest and authentic account.
Craig Platt, Professor of Psychology
Franklin Pierce College

I Am Just So Pleased
Sarah, I have read your book once and am starting to read it again. So much of what I read I can relate to. Yours is the only book that doesn’t just tell why the person has others and just gives the gory details. … I am just so pleased to hopefully have someone who can help at this point of my much wanted healing.
Healing In Ohio

Highly Recommended!
This book gives incredible insight into the work required by both the therapist and the patient with DID. I cried for the little girls who were so brutally treated and then ignored by those who should protect, and for Sarah and her Alters as they struggled with the aspects of integration and the resulting consequences for each of them.

Becoming One reveals the internal struggles through transcripts from therapy sessions and diaries. Personal notes reveal the inside story and the wisdom gained from hindsight, and the very hard work and courage that was needed to heal.

It has brought me strength as I begin my own journey, and hope which is such a necessity. I recommend Becoming One for both therapists and for those who continue to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The Best Book
This book is the VERY BEST account for this disorder. She not only tells a brave, powerful, true story. She also helps one to understand the disorder in simpler terms. This book is amazing in its detail.

A Rare and Valuable Book
Virtually all books on abuse are useless to the survivor, and especially to the male survivor — and they exist: while one girl in four is abused, one boy in seven is abused. If it is rarer in males, it can also be more traumatic because of the “shut up and take it like a man” mentality.

The author’s extensive online experience with thousands of survivors of abuse, doing peer counseling, makes her very aware of the problems of others. So many books are based on a “sample size of one,” being only the author’s memories, which in the case of DID, may be incomplete.

I learned a lot about my own DID from the author. Her 30 Years On poem revealed to me, as it did to her, that I had been “on” for decades, doing a performance instead of simply being myself. No wonder I was tired and depressed; I didn’t know who I was when I was “off.”

At $50-$250/hour for therapy, this book is almost literally “worth a million” to the survivor or anyone forming a relationship with a survivor.
A Male Survivor

A Much More Modern Treatment
I recommend this book. It is a much more modern treatment than most of the books available; in particular, it does not treat DID as something rare and strange. The focus is very much on the healing story and on the therapy process, though there are some graphic details of abuse (by her mother’s lover).

The book includes many excerpts from journal entries, letters, and tapes of therapy sessions. It is particularly interesting for its discussion of her relationships with her sisters and her father.

I was distracted by the organization of the book into chapters focused on different topics instead of a more chronological story of the healing process. But if you are looking for a book you can dip into for information on particular issues that might be useful–it even has an index. One caution: the book puts a very heavy emphasis on integration as the goal, though she acknowledges how difficult it was at first to live as a single person.
Reviewed by Pam in SC

The Book is Great
Praise: I was very pleased with the expedited service and the book is great.

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