About Becoming One

Becoming One: A Story Of Triumph Over Multiple Personality Disorder is a completely documented, autobiographical account of the therapy process chronicled over a four year period. It includes scores of letters Sarah wrote to her therapist, Howard Asher, Psy.D.; actual transcripts from key audiotaped therapy sessions; and Sarah’s original poetry. The therapy process, with all of its distress, frustrations, and triumphs, is real and engaging.

Sarah overcame numerous life obstacles and challenges to succeed in her quest for integration. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled to rise above the pervasive, negative impact of childhood abuse.

Becoming One addresses issues of universal concern to survivors, whether or not they personally experience dissociation. Such issues include:

  • The false memory syndrome debate
  • Dealing with flashbacks, triggers, and other sequelae which occur during the process of recovering memories of childhood abuse
  • The constant quest for a sense of internal and/or external safety
  • Finding and claiming self-esteem
  • Trust of therapist
  • Trust of self
  • Reclaiming one’s life

Becoming One is strongly endorsed by acknowledged experts in the field of survivor healing:

“Sarah Olson has written a fascinating account of her amazing healing journey and the mind’s creative capacity to surmount unimaginable horror. Everyone can benefit from this inspiring book.”

Lynne D. Finney, J.D., M.S.W.
Author, Reach For The Rainbow: Advanced Healing For Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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