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Swan Pond Press
Swan Pond Press is owned and operated by Sarah E. Olson. It is the exclusive distributor for her book Becoming One: A Story Of Triumph Over Multiple Personality Disorder.

In the near future, Swan Pond Press will bring Becoming One into the ebook age, with offerings on Kindle, and other ebook vendors. Other projects include publishing primarily ebooks and booklets of interest to survivors of child abuse, their significant others and family members, and the clinicians who treat them. We will also focus on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociation.

The guiding philosophy of Swan Pond Press is that survivors must be heard if society as a whole is going to change how it recognizes and deals with child abuse and neglect. Swan Pond Press is dedicated to providing a voice.

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All materials published in this website are owned and copyrighted by Swan Pond Press and Sarah E. Olson, and may not be copied or otherwise disseminated unless express right to do so is granted.


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